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In addition to representing clients in both state and federal court.
Mr. Steur conducts hearings as an attorney chairperson for prelitigation hearings in medical malpractice actions for the Utah Department of Commerce. He recently was selected as Career Service Review Office Hearing Officer for the State of Utah Career Service Review Board. In 2009 and 2010, Mr. Steur was a conflict panel member for the Salt Lake County Legal Defender’s Office.

Prior to starting his private practice, Mr. Steur worked for two years as Assistant Attorney General for the State of Utah where he represented state departments and agencies in employment litigation. His experience covered a broad range of alleged violations, from hostile work environment sexual harassment to race discrimination.  

A graduate of the University of Utah and Pepperdine School of Law, Mr. Steur has been practicing law since 1990.

Mr. Steur is admitted to practice law in both California and Utah.
He is also admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court.

Our Practice

Criminal Defense

Charged with a crime?
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Personal Injury

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Protect yourself. 
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Is it time to move on? Need help with your divorce?

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