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Chad Steur represents with and for a purpose. He represented me during one of the most difficult times in my life with success. He presents himself well in the court and knows how to deal with the judicial system with confidence. He delivered me a prepared, well thought out defense with success. Chad’s representation kept a family together. He will fight for your rights.—
Trent V.

Chad, I was amazed at the time you spent learning the laboratory processes and technical material … Your patience and determination…were key to your successful defense in my DUI case. You were also tactically brilliant and compelling in the courtroom. The correct verdict was delivered and I know I chose the right Attorney to defend me. I appreciate your extraordinary service and skill!"
Ron S.

Mr. Steur was a very effective ally in a real estate dispute … Mr. Steur's …attention to detail, and his thoroughness got me dismissed from the case almost two years before it went to trial. I would recommend Mr. Steur to anyone who is in need of legal assistance. His professional demeanor and confidence alleviated any concerns I may have originally harbored about my case.
Kelly W.

Mr. Steur represented me in a DUI case. He worked hard to prove my innocence.   We were able to show the evidence relied on by the prosecutor was bad and the case got dismissed. Not only did Mr. Steur get my DUI dismissed, he also took the DMV, (Department of Motor Vehicles) to court and had the DUI removed from my motor vehicle record as well.  Mr. Steur is an extremely intelligent, knowledgeable and ethical individual.  I highly recommend him for any legal counsel or court representation.  I won't go to anyone else...
John S.

Mr. Chad Steur represented me in a business dispute with a former partner. With a lot of hard work, diligence, and expertise in the rules of the law Mr. Steur was able to help me acquire a positive outcome on my case. Mr Steur is honest and fair.  He truly cares about his clients and their rights.  I  would highly recommend him.
Gordon W.

I wanted to send you this note to let you know how much I appreciate all your help and assistance in handling my legal affairs. … I come from a family of attorneys, which drills home the importance of having competent legal advice from a capable attorney.  You are the epitome of a competent and capable attorney. …  I have appreciated our professional relationship and would not hesitate to refer any of my friends or colleagues to you.
Susi K.

The selection of Chad Steur to be my divorce attorney was the right choice.  I felt safe and fully informed through each step of the process.  We were able to reach resolution without endless litigation, and I am ready to move on with my life.  Thanks, Chad Steur Law!
Kate D.

I came to Chad after relentlessly and unsuccessfully dealing with a mortgage company who proposed that we owed them $30,000.00 more than we actually did. After researching the Trust Deed Chad found the mortgage company to be violating federal laws. Chad composed an amazing letter to the mortgage company demanding that they remove the erroneous amount by a certain date or we would be forced to file a lawsuit. The charges were dropped!! It felt so nice to have someone on my side that knew what they were doing and were willing to do the work and research to fix the situation. I would recommend Chad to everyone I know. He was easy to talk to, easy to schedule appointments with and easy to talk to on the phone.
Monique J.

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Defense attorney in Fourth of July assault case wants charges dropped
David James "DJ" Bell said Tuesday he is disappointed that three men convicted of beating him have been given parole
Ietitaia Nuusila, back left, and Ieti Mageo arrive in court on Jan. 5, 2011.
3 given parole in DJ Bell beating, victim has moved on
Defense attorney in Fourth of July assault case wants charges dropped
Letitaia Nuusila and attorney Chad Steur, left, and Ricky Peace and attorney Charles Corry during a May 4, 2010
Nuusila and Peace both pleaded guilty Monday to reduced charges in the beating of David DJ Bell and Dan Fair.
Ex-girlfriend testifies in murder of Glendale woman

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Detective testifies defendant confessed to 2009 slaying in SLC
Two men ordered to trial in wrong-house homicide
Judge rules former defense attorney did not share confidences
Three defendants in 'DJ Bell' attack sentenced to prison

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