PERSONAL INJURY:       Injured in a Car wreck? Dog Bite? Slip and Fall Accident?

Salt Lake City Personal Injury lawyerDON’T GO IT ALONE! Know your rights.
Protect yourself. 
The insurance company has a lawyer.
You need one too!

* Experience:      Over 17 years as a trial attorney. 
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* Results:           Consistently get great results.  

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Chad Steur Law represents individuals in Personal Injury Cases

      Our firm is dedicated to handling personal injury claims on behalf of injured people and their families,
as well as the families of those who have died at the hands of others.

      We will handle your case discreetly. Our job is not just to get you the most money possible, but to help you retain your dignity and return to your normal daily routine. We offer advice that extends beyond what is required of your case and our open door policy makes it easy for you to get a confidential appointment at any time.


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